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Family, Love,
God our Help
in Ages Past

Take it to the Lord
in Prayer

The Lord is My

Saved by Grace

Love Grows Here

Altar Guild
Jean Schaffer, Brenda VanMeter, Sally Swanson, Peggy Serfoss

Fellowship Treats
Gail Stotz, Judy Dallmann (3rd)
Ginger Howell, Amy Wright (10th)
LaVina Hopf, Judy Baumann (17th)
Arden Gilbert, Bonnie Lundberg (24th)

Food Pantry
Lori Spitzer, Wes and Arlene Elliott, Mark and Judy Bledsoe (3rd)
Lori Spitzer, David and Candice Rook, Sig and Joy Flagtvedt (10th)
Marge Rosin, LaVina Hopf (17th)
Jodi Brown, Caroline Jarvi, Oriett Crawford (24th)

Rod and Jan Thurn (8:30-3rd); Ellen Dinger (10:00-3rd)
Ginger Howell (8:30-10th); Chad, Carson, and Jilani Wright (10:45-10th)
LaVina Hopf (8:30-17th); Terry and Bonnie Lundberg (10;45-17th)
Wes and Arlene Elliott (8:30-24th); Jean Angerhofer (10:45-24th)

Head Ushers
Dale Wein (8:30); Stewart Jones, Jon Dabney (10:00/10:45)

Nursery Assistants
Meghan Sell (8:30-3rd); Arlette Keller (10:00-3rd)
Gayle Fauth (8:30-10th); Rozanna Casanova (10:45-10th)
Meghan Sell (8:30-17th); Amber Thompson (10:45-17th)
Carol Sheldon (8:30-24th); Diane Thompson (10:45-24th)

Offering Tellers
Judy and Joe Gelling, Charlotte Kraemer (3rd)
Jean Rahja, Doug and Evie Witlock (10th)
Diane and Gary Kost, Rosemary and Tom Eisenbeisz (17th)
Betty Beckler, Dennis and Arly Schnabel (24th)

Sheri Scott (3rd, 6th, 17th)
Tammy Wahl (13th, 20th)
Monica Jacobson (24th)
Kathy Harmel (27th)

Power Point
John Fritz (3rd)
Karen Hoar (8:30-10th); Steve Caron (10:45-10th)
Josh Pearl (17th)
Karen Hoar (24th)

Scripture Readers
Mary Oleson (10:00-3rd)
Wes Elliott (8:30-10th); Lisa Anderson (10:45-10th)
Sandy Cahoy (8:30-17th)
Sandy Cahoy (8:30-24th); Mary Oleson (10:45-24th)

Sound Board

Clay Dykema (8:30-3rd); Lisa Anderson (10:00-3rd)

Clay Dykema (8:30-10th); Jeff Dahlberg (10:45-10th)
Gary Cahoy (8:30-17th); Brian Fauth (10:45-17th)
Gary Cahoy (8:30-24th)

Jim Dallmann, Jim Rosin (8:30-3rd)
Doug Guthmiller (8:30-10th); Dorothy Bogue, Blaine Wright (10:45-10th)
Rod Thurn (8:30-17th); Dorothy Bogue, Terry Lundberg (10:45-17th)
Doug and Wendy Guthmiller (8:30-24th); Terry Lundberg, Arden Gilbert (10:45-24th)

Welcome Desk
Jeff and Jean Black (10:00-3rd)
Gayle Fauth (8:30-10th); Nancy Rall (10:45-10th)
Ella Maye Nehls (8:30-17th)
Phyllis Donat (8:30-24th); Charlotte Kraemer (10:45-24th)