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Family, Love,
God our Help
in Ages Past

Take it to the Lord
in Prayer

The Lord is My

Saved by Grace

Love Grows Here

Altar Guild
Bonnie Lamont, Amber Thompson

Fellowship Treats
Gayle Fauth (6th)
Roger and Mona Kapfenstein, Rosemary Eisenbeisz (13th)
Barb Gehrts, Roger and Rozanna Casanova (20th)
Dale and Jan Reich, Jean Schaffer (27th)

Food Pantry
Joe and Judy Gelling, Mike and Kathy Kulm (6th)
Roger and Mona Kapfenstein, Tom and Rosemary Eisenbeisz, Wilmer and Elizabeth Wiederrich (13th)
Shelly McDonald, Myron and Lana Zoellner, Elta Mae Bretiag (20th)
Dale and Jan Reich, Terry and Dawn Friedrichsen (27th)

Randy and Gayle Fauth (8:30-6th); Joe and Judy Gelling (10:00-6th)
Roger and Mona Kapfenstein (8:30-13th); Merv and Cleo Tchida (10:00-13th)
Jim and Gayle Osman (8:30-20th); Barb Gehrts (10:00-20th)
Kevin and Lori TIede(8:30-27th); Gene and Delores Morsching (10:00-27th)

Head Ushers
Nick Finnesand (8:30-6th, 20th), Van Nerland (8:30-13th & 27th)

Nursery Assistants
Meghan Sell (8:30-6th); DeAnn Reif (10:00-6th)
Gayle Fauth (8:30-13th); Brenda VanMeter (10:00-13th)
Carol Sheldon (8:30-20th); Tracy Pagel (10:00-20th)
Amber Thompson (8:30-27th); Joye Hoerth (10:00-27th)

Offering Tellers
Judy and Joe Gelling, Charlotte Kraemer (6th)
Jean Rahja, Doug and Evie Witlock (13th)
Diane and Gary Kost, Rosemary and Tom Eisenbeisz (20th)
Betty Beckler, Dennis and Arly Schnabel (27th)

Kathy Harmel (2nd, 9th, 16th)
Sheri Scott (6th, 13th)
Monica Jacobson (20th, 27th)
Tammy Wahl (23rd, 30th)

Power Point
John Fritz (6th)
Steve Caron (13th)
Cody Folden (20th)
Karen Hoar (27th)

Scripture Readers
Luther Schumacher (8:30-6th); Bill Gerdes (10:00-6th)
Bill Gerdes (10:00-13th)
Judy Burgard (10:00-27th)

Sound Board
Clay Dykema (8:30-6th); Jeff Dahlberg (10:00-6th)
Clay Dykema (8:30-13th); Lisa Anderson (10:00-13th)
Clay Dykema (8:30-20th)
Gary Cahoy (8:30-27th)

Tom and Rosemary Eisenbeisz (8:30-13th)
Tom and Rosemary Eisenbeisz (8:30-20th)
Gene Morsching, Jill Stephenson (10:00-27th)

Welcome Desk
Jeff and Jean Black (10:00-6th)
Gayle Fauth (8:30-13th); Nancy Rall (10:00-13th)
Ella Maye Nehls (8:30-20th)
Phyllis Donat (8:30-27th); Charlotte Kraemer (10:00-27th)