Head Ushers
Tom Eisenbeisz (8:30); Carl Anderson, Mark Mehlhoff (10:00)

Steve Caron (8:30-2nd); Jon Davidson, Cal Davidson (10:00-2nd)
Rosemary Eisenbeisz (8:30-9th, 16th)
Rosemary Eisenbeisz (8:30-23rd); Bonnie Lamont (10:00-23rd)

Fellowship Treats
Jill Vining, Kimberly Byram (2nd)
Marty Axlund (9th)
Rosemary Eisenbeisz, Kathy Caron (16th)
Marty Axlund (23rd)

Sheri Scott (2nd, 9th, 30th)
Kathy Harmel (5th, 26th)
Monica Jacobson (16th, 23rd)
Tammy Wahl (12th, 19th)

Cody Folden (2nd)
John Fritz (9th)
Steve Caron (16th)
Karen Hoar (23rd)
Josh Pearl (30th)

Altar Guild
Sandy Cahoy, Sally Swanson, Bonnie Lamont

Sound Board
Kathie Getty (8:30-2nd); Lisa Anderson (10:00-2nd)
Gary Cahoy (8:30-9th); Jeff Dahlberg (10:00-9th)
Gary Cahoy (8:30-16th, 23rd, 30th)

Food Pantry
Sheila Haugen (2nd)

Nursery Assistants
Gayle Fauth (8:30-2nd); Tracy Pagel (10:00-2nd)
Kay Bosanko (10:00-9th)
Meghan Sell (8:30-16th); Kathy Caron (10:00-16th)
Meghan Sell (8:30-23rd); Joye Hoerth (10:00-23rd)
Arlette Keller (8:30-30th); DeAnn Reif (10:00-30th)

Offering Tellers
Judy and Joe Gelling, Charlotte Kraemer (2nd) Jean Rahja, Doug and Evie Witlock (9th)
Rosemary and Tom Eisenbeisz, Gary and Diane Kost (16th)
Betty Beckler, Arly Schnabel, Roy Burt (23rd) Duane and Phyllis Donat, Bonnie Lamont (30th)

Randy and Gayle Fauth (8:30-2nd); Bonnie Lamont (10:00-2nd)
Steve and Kathy Caron (10:00-16th)
Rick and Michelle Hellwig (10:00-23rd)

Scripture Readers Diane Kost (8:30-2nd); Aliah Davidson (10:00-2nd)
Curt Bossert (8:30-9th); Cindy Tople (10:00-9th)
Curt Bossert (8:30-16th); Steve Caron (10:00-16th) Luther Schumacher (8:30-23rd)
Steve Caron (10:00-30th)

Welcome Desk
Gayle Fauth (8:30-9th); Nancy Rall (10:00-9th) Ellen Dinger (10:00-16th)
Phyllis Donat (8:30-23rd); Charlotte Kraemer (10:00-23rd)
Clay Dykema (8:30 & 10:00-30th)